Rapper T.I. is begging Americans to turn out and vote in November's (08) presidential election, because his criminal record means he is banned from the polls.
The 27-year-old will begin a 12 month prison sentence in March (09) after being convicted on federal weapons possession charges.
And his sentence means he has been stripped of his right to vote.
So T.I., real name Clifford Harris, is taking time out to encourage everyone who's eligible to vote to turn out at the polls and help elect a new president.
Speaking in Washington D.C. on Monday (28Jul08), T.I. - a spokesperson for the Respect My Vote campaign - explained, "I can't vote. So I said, 'OK, so if I'm going to have to be minus my own vote then the least I could do was urge the masses'.
"I can replace my vote with at least a million, two million others.
"This is one of the most significant elections of our lifetime. We must get out there and make our voices heard by voting. It's negligent to sit around and watch an election pass by and not have an influence whatsoever on the outcome. That ain't sexy."