Thom Browne believes he will be more successful once he moves to Paris.

The US designer's menswear label is currently based in New York and despite making a big name for himself there, he thinks relocating to the French capital will be more beneficial.

He said: "We're focusing on growing internationally as a collection brand. Showing in Paris opens up the world a lot more. Also, Paris is the best city for understanding innovation and provocation. And when it comes down to a commercial point of view, it's important to be able to sell that early in the season. Most designers would rather have their show before selling. The selling season is so early, and the shows in Europe are in tune with it."

However, Thom admits moving to Paris will have its difficulties because he'll be under more time pressure.

He told WWD: "It means getting the collection done two months earlier, which isn't easy. And even sooner, actually, because we have to get everything and everyone over there. It's going to be a big couple weeks in June. The Gamme Bleu show will be five days before. We will use the same show producer we use here, so it's comfortable in that regard, but there are big differences between the cities to navigate, so it's good to have the right resources."