The Waltons star Mary Mcdonough stunned guests at her 50th birthday party on 4 June (11) by turning the bash into a wedding.
The actress, who played Waltons sister Erin in the beloved family TV drama, shut down Italian restaurant Maggio's in Los Angeles for the party, which she told family and friends was a belated birthday get together.
But once all the guests were seated, MCDonough's longtime partner Don Couch proposed to the actress and the couple wed on the spot.
U.S. tabloid the Globe reports MCDonough's brothers acted as ushers for Couch, while her 18-year-old daughter, Sydnee, and her stepdaughters-to-be served as bridesmaids.
A source tells the publication, "It was a beautiful ceremony... There were many tears of joy... Mary has never been happier."