The Vamps think they have an ''advantage'' over other boy bands on the market.

Tristan Evans, who plays the drums for the 'Wild Card' hitmakers, credits the group and their pop rivals, 5 seconds of summer, for bringing an acoustic sound back to the charts and claims that creating this ''new sound'' has helped put them ahead of their competitors who don't play their own instruments.

Tristan exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We really like 5 Seconds of Summer, we spoke to them before both of us even released anything so, you know, it's great to work with them in a way to bring back the guitar-y band sound.''

The 19-year-old star and his band mates Connor Ball, Bradley Simpson and James McVey achieved UK chart success with their debut single 'Lets Dance' and he insists he isn't worried that the boy band market is becoming overcrowded because together they are setting a new precedent for pop music.

He added: ''The more similar bands in the charts, the easier to make the statement that this is the new music. It will be to our advantage that there are more bands in the charts. It's setting 'this is what's in now' and this is what people like so we're all different. We're more kind of indie pop.''