The STROKES frontman Julian Casablancas bravely performed at Scottish music festival T In The Park on Sunday (11JUL04) after drinking "a gallon of alcohol".

The rockers - Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr, FABRIZIO MORETTI and NIKOLAI FRAITURE - staggered onto the stage in BALADO AIRFIELD still holding their drinks and shocked the crowd by boasting they were "f***ing wasted".

Casablancas shouted, "We always have the best time here. I'm sorry, I've got to say it. The Scots are probably the coolest f***ing people in the world. I'm not just saying it, it's true. F***ing A.

"God damn it, you've made my f***ing year. That's why I came to the UK. You guys f**k me up. I think I speak for all the guys. I'm f***ing wasted. That's how we get our welcome to the UK, with a gallon of alcohol and I'm not kidding."

13/07/2004 13:43