The Sherlocks' upcoming album is a ''continuation'' of their debut 'Live For The Moment'.

The 'Chasing Shadows' rockers - comprised of brothers Kiaran and Brandon Crook and Andy and Josh Davidson - didn't feel any pressure to top their first album, which peaked at number six in the Official UK Chart, with second LP 'Under Your Sky' because they never really stopped writing and some of the songs for album two were written before they'd even put out the first record.

In an interview with BANG Showbiz, frontman Kiaran said: ''No [the's no pressure] not really.

''We've just been that busy.

''Then we went into record the second album, but we've just been continuing doing what we are doing.

''All of the songs are very much a continuation of what we've been doing.

''There was no pressure because the album we are going to put out, the fans will get it.''

Kiaran also admitted it's difficult to tell which songs will be picked as singles and it ''often'' surprises him which ones do get put forward.

He said: ''It shocks you sometimes.

''So that's why we don't get too hung up on singles.''

One of the songs on 'Under Your Sky' which was written before they started the first album is 'Time To Go', which got ''put on the back-burner''.

The band worked with The Coral's James Skelly on the album and Kiaran says he taught them how to spot the catchiest part of a song, and many more techniques, which he's feeding into the songwriting for their third album, which is already in the pipeline.

Asked what the 'In The Morning' hitmaker brought to the table, he explained: 'Making the songs more concise and picking the best ones.

''That's probably his best quality.

''He's good at hearing a song how it is.

''Whatever the catchiest bit is and building stuff around that.

''That's probably what we needed to be fair, with a lot of the songs.

''That is something we've learnt as a band.

''Going into the third album I will change how I write the songs.''

The Sherlocks release 'Under Your Sky' on October 4 via Infectious Music.