The Krankies may have charmed families all over the UK in the 1970s and 1980s with their cabaret shows and easy going comedy, but the husband and wife duo have admitted that they were far from the squeaky clean public personas they gave off, in a rather illuminating interview given to the BBC.

Scottish couple Janette and Ian Tough came to prominence after being awarded a slot on the 1978 Royal Variety Show and went on to appear in much-loved children's program 'Crackerjack' as well as releasing singles under their own name. Adored by grown-ups and children alike, it'll come as a shock to many to find out that they've come out as swingers. "I think we were suddenly top of the bill on a fabulous tour that was doing great business and everyone roundabout us was having a whale of a time and we thought we are missing out here," explained Ian. The pair were also open to having sex "anytime, anywhere" as evidenced in the following anecdote: "We had a little boat, it was only a little 12ft boat and we went out for Sunday lunch one day. We thought we would get a bit romantic on this boat out at sea and we nearly ended up in France."

However it turns out the pair eventually cleaned up their off-stage act after worries that feelings may become hurt, "We thought, we are playing with fire here. What we started to worry about was that the other people were getting jealous," said Ian.