Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty rose to fame in the late 1980s as The KLF, and scored major hits in the early 1990s including two U.K. number ones, 3 a.m. Eternal and Doctorin' the Tardis.

The group were also famous for their eccentric stunts, including firing an automatic rifle loaded with blanks into the audience at the 1992 Brit Awards, followed soon afterwards by the announcement of their 'retirement' from music.

On Thursday (05Jan16) Cauty and Drummond confirmed they had reunited with a cryptic poster tweeted by an account belonging to the Eastfolk Chronicle, an arts publication edited by their manager Cally Callomon.

"It is almost 23 years since the Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu announced a self imposed and self important 23 year moratorium," the announcement read. The reasons for the moratorium have now been lost in time, space, and a rusting shipping container somewhere near (Britain's) Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station."

The announcement was disguised as an advertisement for a company called K2 Plant Hire, but indicated the band, also known as The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, are "currently at work in their light industrial unit. This work will not be made public until the 23rd August 2017."

Despite 'retiring' in 1992 the duo continued to make music for several years alongside creating conceptual art projects, which included the pair burning $1.24 million (£1 million) in cash on a remote Scottish island in 1994.

Bizarrely, the announcement the duo were working on a new project together came hours after Drummond had issued a statement denying the pair were planning to reform.

"Jimmy and I have always remained very close but we have no plans to reform The KLF or exploit our back catalogue in any way," he told Scottish social media site Kiltr.