Bosses at Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. are keen to develop a themepark based on the hit movie franchise The Hunger Games.

Executives at the movie studio have been approached by several developers and are actively "pursuing" various ideas for the park, according to the New York Post.

Walt Disney Parks' chief Tom Staggs, says, "(Parkgoers) would encounter awe-inspiring floating mountains and wander through a nighttime jungle of bioluminescent plants that are alive with light and sound."

Details surrounding the themepark are scarce, but if plans were to move forward The Hunger Games themepark would face competition from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida and an Avatar attraction, which is set to launch at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida in 2017.

The second installment of the film franchise, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, is set to hit theatres in the U.S. on 22 November (13).