The HU expected ''some kind of success'' for their 'Yuve Yuve Yu' music video after travelling 5,000km off-road to western Mongolia to shoot in the mountains and sand dunes.

The Mongolian rockers - who combine traditional instruments from their home nation, with modern US hard rock - put ''so much hard work'' into the videos for 'Wolf Totem' and 'Yuve Yuve Yu', which have amassed more than 30 million YouTube views, to show fans ''how beautiful'' their country is.

Speaking at Download Festival at Donington Park, they exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We expected some kind of success and reaction about our music videos, because we put so much hard work into them.

''In order to film 'Yuve Yuve Yu' we travelled for 5,000km off-road to western Mongolia to get the big mountains and sand dunes.

''We wanted to share how beautiful the nature in our country is, and we worked hard and were expecting some sort of success - but not like this.''

As well as amassing a large rock fan base, The HU are now ambassadors of Mongolia, and while they are pleased to be promoting their country around the world, the group admit it is ''a lot of responsibility''.

They said: ''We're so honoured to be ambassadors of Mongolia to the world. But it's a lot of responsibility.

''We've got to do better. We try so hard to perfect our sound and try to perform better, and we want to represent Mongolia positively.''

Thanks to their Mongolian heritage, The HU were prepared for the wet Download Festival weather earlier this month, and felt ''honoured'' to play at ''such a legendary festival''.

They added: ''We were so excited about playing at Download, and felt so honoured to be at such a legendary festival alongside legendary bands we're grown up listening to.

''We have extreme weather in Mongolia, crazy hot and crazy cold, so we were prepared for the conditions at Download.''