Residents of an English village featured in a Tv adaptation of J.K. Rowling's novel The Casual Vacancy have lodged complaints with local authorities over a saucy lingerie shop which was installed as part of the set.

In the Tv series, British actress Keeley Hawes plays the owner of a kinky underwear store, so the crew set up a fake shop in the village of Painswick in Gloucestershire, England to be used during filming.

However, residents did not realise it was part of the Tv set and filed a number of complaints with the local parish council, according to British newspaper The Sun.

The show's director Jonny Campbell tells the publication, "People did mistake it for the real thing... people complained and said it was a disgrace."

The Casual Vacancy, based on Rowling's 2012 novel about the dark side of village life, airs in the U.K. on 15 February (15).