The Carnabys thought Debbie Harry was a ''babe'' when they toured with her.

The British rockers - made up of Jack Mercer, Ben Gittins, Frankie Connolly, Mike Delizo and James Morgan - loved hanging out with the Blondie frontwoman off-stage, while supporting the legendary group on five occasions, and joked they enjoyed getting affectionate with the 69-year-old singer.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, frontman Jack said: ''Debbie Harry was so nice, she was so funny. She was such a babe.''

Frankie then quipped: ''Yeah! She's still got it, for a 69 year old. Well, it's not a secret. She kept trying to kiss me.''

But Ben put the record straight, adding: ''The first time we met her, we were all like, 'She's such a big deal.' We were all waiting for the handshake. And then Frankie comes out of nowhere, and is all kiss kiss and she looked quite flustered.

''We didn't know how she was going to take it, but it was great, and we got to know her really well.''

The Carnabys also admitted the star was incredibly helpful as she gifted lead singer Jack with throat spray and special tea to help his vocal chords when he was struck down with voice problems on tour in Italy.

He added: ''I woke up the day of the gig in Milan, and my voice had completely gone. I couldn't even speak. I was trying to warm up in the shower and stuff, use steam and all that.

''I remember going to bed that night and having a bowl of water there to just try and get moisture into the room.

''I got to the gig and I said, 'Debbie, you've been doing this a lot longer than I have, have you got any tips?' She pulled out this drawer, and she's got hundreds of boxes of this special tea.

''She gives me two of them, and a jar of honey, and then she opens this case which is just full of hundreds of canisters of throat sprays, and gives me one of them.

''You spray it and breathe in at the same time but also if you spray it up your nose and it opens up your vocal cords. She was great.''

The Carnabys' debut album 'No Money on The Moon' is out now through Hard Rock Records.