The BRAVERY bassist MIKE 'DIRT' HINDERT regrets not preparing his private area before he stripped naked during a performance this year's (05) Glastonbury Festival, England.

Hindert stunned revellers at the June (05) event, when he stripped to his guitar strap during an encore, and he blames alcohol for his antics.

He tells Blender magazine, "A bottle of Jager will usually do that to you."

Hindert explains that he decided to undress after security guards thwarted his attempts to crowd-surf.

He says, "My pants were really tight and hard to take off."

Once Hindert was able to removed his trousers, he licked a TV camera while strumming along with the band's new single FEARLESS.

But he does have one small problem with his display, explaining, "It wasn't the best showing of my life. I should get a girl to fluff me beforehand."