The canine star of The Artist has been forced to retire after coming down with complications from a rare neurological disorder.
Jack Russell Terrier Uggie captured the hearts of viewers in The Artist and Reese Witherspoon's Water for Elephants but he's now quitting showbusiness for good, so he can enjoy his final years and rest up.
Trainer Omar Von Muller, who rescued Uggie from a pound when he was a pup, tells Britain's The Guardian, "It comes and goes and, ironically, it is worse when he’s relaxed. When we were filming you could hardly notice it. It is a shame this has happened when he is getting the biggest success of his career, but we feel the best thing to do is to retire him after the Oscars."
The 10-year-old pooch, who is currently nominated for a Golden Collar Award - which recognises the most talented dogs in Hollywood, will make his final public appearance at the 84th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles (26Feb12), where the film is among the Best Picture nominees.