The trustees of Philip K. Dick's estate have relaunched their legal battle with the producers of Matt Damon thriller The Adjustment Bureau, two months after the initial lawsuit was dropped.
The late author's executors claim the estate is owed money from the 2011 adaptation of the writer's sci-fi story, Adjustment Team, and filed a lawsuit last year (11) targeting director George Nolfi, producer Michael Hackett, Media Rights Capitol and its subsidiaries.
The case was dropped in February (12) after a judge threw out key parts of the suit, but representatives of the Philip K. DICk Testamentary Trust re-filed papers at Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (23Apr12) to reignite the legal battle, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Estate lawyer Justin Goldstein says in a statement, "We had hoped to avoid having to take this step, but are left with no choice because Media Rights Capital continues to ignore its contractual obligations. We are confident that the court will find that Philip K. DICk's heirs are entitled to receive what they were promised in return for the right to use their father's work and name in producing and distributing The Adjustment Bureau."
The thriller, which starred Damon opposite Emily Blunt, made nearly $130 million (£81 million) at the worldwide box office.
DICk died in 1982, and several of his stories have been made into movies - including 1982's Blade Runner, 1990 blockbuster Total Recall and 2002's Minority Report. A remake of Total Recall will be released later this year (12).