Taylor Hill was ''super awkward'' when she was younger.

The 20-year-old supermodel was never very confident when she was at school, and if she could go back in time, she'd learn not to worry about little things and to be herself more.

Asked what she'd tell her younger self, she said: ''For sure, just be ourself, no matter how you feel that day, no matter how you think you look or whatever tough things you're going through.

''I was super-awkward and really shy and I had glasses. Don't focus on the little things so much - let them go.''

When she began her modelling career, the Victoria's Secret beauty grew more confident because she could see people liked having her walk for them.

She said: ''As a girl, I definitely had an awkward phase. I'm the biggest nerd in the world.

''Growing up in the fashion industry where you're always around artistic people who appreciate you being there really helped boost my confidence and be OK with it.''

But the brunette beauty is still shocked by her modelling success and insists her career is just an ''accident''.

She told Look magazine: ''I'm so unaware. I like to feel that I'm still who I was when I was first scouted at 14.

''Nothing else really matters to me besides my family and friends and being a genuine person.

''There isn't really any pressure in modelling. I'm just enjoying it and having fun.

''It was an accident, me getting here. It was thrown at me and I just went with it.''