Taylor Hill is the new face of Joe's Jeans.

The 20-year-old model has been announced as the collaborator and brand representative of the premium company, which will see the brunette beauty star in the campaign but also design four collections for the company, which will first launch in April and May, whilst the future capsules will be unveiled in August, November this year, and the final launch will be in 2018.

And Taylor has admitted she ''really loved'' being involved in the creative element because she never usually sees what happens behind-the-scenes and is used to being in front of the camera sporting the garments instead.

Speaking about her latest venture to WWD.com, she said: ''I really loved it. I thought it was something different. As a model, you don't really get to see this part, and I thought it was really cool to be a part of the process, and have an input, and make it my own.''

The catwalk icon has revealed she has always had a penchant for creating new products and even contemplated having a career in graphic design or fashion design before she started modelling.

She explained: ''Before I was scouted, I was thinking of doing graphic design for college, and I took sewing classes because I was thinking of going into fashion design. I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I ended up modelling.''

And the fashion house are excited about their partnership with Taylor because she has ''a lot of energy and passion for craftsmanship''.

The Chief Executive Officer of Joe's jeans, Suzy Biszantz, said: ''We liked that she's an up-and-comer and the momentum she's getting in modelling, but we really liked that she had a lot of energy and passion for craftsmanship, design and fabric.

''The idea is to keep it really tight and well edited and curated. Nothing will be in that assortment that she [Hill] doesn't believe in and doesn't personally love. It's enhancing and layering onto what we do at Joe's already.''