Taylor Hill ''blacked out'' during her first ever Victoria's Secret Fashion Show fitting.

The 21-year-old model made her runway debut for the lingerie giant in 2014 - just one year before she acquired her Angel wings - and she can vividly remember the moment she was given her underwear set to wear for the show, which left her ''shaking'' because she was ''so nervous''.

Speaking about her first show to W Magazine Online, she said: ''I blacked out. I was so nervous. I walked in the Pink section, and had just turned eighteen. I was shaking. They put me in a cute pant thing, and was like, 'Oh my God, I'm in the show.'''

Taylor made her fourth appearance on the catwalk for the label's fashion extravaganza on Monday (20.11.17), which took place at the Mercedes Benz arena in Shanghai, China, but she was ''not as nervous'' about the big moment as she used to be.

She said: '' I feel a little bit more grounded. I'm not as nervous, but I am equally excited. Every year gets better and better, because you know what you've done and where you've come from.''

Taylor donned a cream and black embroidered strap bra and knickers set with a patterned cape, as well as a forest green two piece ensemble, with orange feathered wings on her back in the showcase.

And the star has admitted although the winged accessory can be restricting, wearing the cape that billowed behind her as she strutted along the platform allowed her to ''really play'' with the item.

She explained: ''It's fun having a cape. With wings, sometimes you don't get to do much, you just know they are there. But when you have something fun like this, you can really play with it and have something to do on the runway.

''I like to just wing it. It's fun to be in the moment. I really like to seize the day, and feel the energy.''