AMELIE star AUDREY TAUTOU suffered severe depression during the filming of her latest movie A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT - because she forced herself to share the sadness and anxieties of her character.

The French actress plays MATHILDE, who refuses to believe her fiance MANECHE was killed in the First World War, so Tautou spent a month focusing on pain and death to make her part more convincing.

She explains, "I had to work harder as Mathilde, day after day, and it requires endurance because of the pain involved. The physical things were nothing, I got used to walking with a limp within a week.

"No, it was the continuing pain and sadness that caused my depression. There were no scenes that were a relief and I couldn't relax. So I spent an entire month in that state, in that intensity, so I could return to the character rapidly."

16/12/2004 05:45