Tamara Ecclestone is thinking about trying for a second child with husband Jay Rutland.

The 34-year-old Formula One heiress has revealed their four-year-old daughter Sophia - who is nicknamed Fifi - has told them she wants a little sister, and she is ''open to the idea'' after previously having reservations about expanding their brood.

Speaking to HELLO! Magazine, Tamara spilled: ''She's been talking about how much she wants a sibling, and for the first time I'm open to the idea.

''She really wants a sister, but certainly not a brother - she's very girlie and thinks boys are smelly.''

Tamara admitted that having another child is a ''scary'' prospect.

She explained: ''Having another baby is obviously scary because it would mean a big change, but I'm definitely up for it.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty revealed that she would just like her husband - who she tied the knot with in a lavish ceremony in 2013, after less than a year of dating - to sign her a card with a loving message inside for Valentine's Day (14.02.19), after being showered with romantic getaways and surprise dinners in the past.

She said: ''One year he organised for a chef to come to the house and prepare my favourite food - pizza, pasta and chocolate mousse. And when I was pregnant with Fifi he whisked me off to Paris.''

On what she'd like this year, she added: ''To be honest I'd be happy with a nice card with something lovely written inside.

''He's very imaginative and thinks of special things which aren't materialistic but mean the most to me - such as the DVD he made of special moments in our lives and draping a balloon with messages containing all the reasons why he loves me.

''Jay's very romantic - a keeper.''