A CEO of one of the big six media companies negotiating with the Writers Guild of America has told entertainment reporter Alex Ben Block that if the industry applied the writers' latest proposals to each of the other deals it will have to make with actors' and directors' guilds, "we would lose money every time we streamed a show over the Internet." The unnamed mogul is quoted on Block's Hollywood Today website as calculating that the flat fees applied across the board to the three unions would amount to about 150 percent of the producer/distributor costs. He accuses the WGA of attempting to "put in place a whole new set of [residual] costs that insure [writers] are paid whether the [Internet] project makes money or not." Meanwhile, today's (Friday) Los Angeles Times reported that more than 300 WGA members who are also members of the Directors Guild of America are urging the DGA to hold off on their own talks with the studios until their own dispute is settled. There has been much speculation that the DGA would likely make a deal with the studios that could undercut the writers' demands.