Talia Storm doesn't want to date a ''wee boy'' like Brooklyn Beckham ever again.

The 19-year-old model was in a relationship with the 18-year-old aspiring photographer - whose parents are retired soccer star David Beckham and Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham - back in 2014 but split in a less than amicable way.

Talia has admitted she'd never want to romance Brooklyn again and is now on the lookout for a ''tall, dark, handsome man'' instead.

Speaking to New! magazine, she said: ''I'm definitely looking for a man now! I've always gone for boys before, but I want a tall, dark, handsome man, not a wee boy.''

And blonde star thinks she'd be better suited to a man who has ''worked'' his way up in the industry instead of someone who landed in the spotlight - in what could be interpreted as a sly dig at her former beau, who grew up in the public eye because of his successful parents.

She explained: ''I'm much more attracted to someone ambitious, who's worked their way up and is self-made. Every single break I've ever got, I feel like I've done it myself.''

And, although she loved his famous family, Talia has realised she would rather date someone who's not in the public eye because she struggled with the scrutiny and being followed around by a security guard whenever they went out and about in public.

She said: ''They're a lovely family. I hate commenting on it because I want to prove I'm so much more than Brooklyn Beckham's ex - it gets so exhausting after a while. It was very much in the public eye and that was a lot for a young girl. We'd go to Covent Garden and we'd have a security guard with us. I didn't realise at the time but now I definitely don't want that. I'd rather find someone who's the complete opposite of that.''

Prior to dating Talia, Brooklyn was in a relationship with Chloe Grace Moretz, 20, and then after breaking it off with the blonde model he rekindled with the actress.

They then split again in 2016 before getting back together last year.