Tali Lennox won't cut her hair for a job again.

The British beauty - who is the daughter of Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox - still regrets getting her long locks lopped off into a boyish cut and has vowed to retain her own personal style in future.

She told LOOK magazine: ''When I first started modelling I was persuaded to cut my hair into a blunt, Lego man cut. It was not good. I've been growing it out ever since. It's a lesson learnt - you have to keep a sense of yourself.''

The 21-year-old model maintains her slender figure by eating as many fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, consuming most of her meals raw to maximise their health benefits.

Tali explained: ''I try to eat lots of raw food, because it loses nutrients if it's cooked. When I do cook, I add in lots of natural flavour with chilli and coriander.''

However, the star isn't quite so dedicated when it comes to her fitness regime and admits she prefers to walk and cycle rather than working up a sweat in the gym.

She said: ''I don't really work out - I'm trying to get into it. I live in New York, so I walk and cycle a lot. When I'm in London, I go to bootcamp Pilates, where you use resistance machines - it's tough but you really see results.''