SZA gets ''a sense of empowerment'' when she embraces her nostalgic fashion side by wearing overalls.

The 'Supermodel' singer-songwriter - whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe - has opened up about her passion for style, and revealed that her choices come from embracing similar Gap outfits when she was growing up.

Speaking to The Cut after the fashion brand unveiled her as a face of their Logo Remix collection, SZA said: ''It's crazy how you can find vintage Gap overalls at the thrift store now.

''You can even find OshKosh b'Gosh ... [I like that] wearing them gives you a sense of empowerment because you can be more comfy than you would be in the regular world.

''It's almost like you can do anything and say anything. You can be active. It's a guard; that little front pocket is a shield.''

The 27-year-old star - who also paid tribute to re-runs of 1990s animated TV classic 'Hey! Arnold' - added that a wave of nostalgia helps her generation cope with the state of the world.

Asked if she's a nostalgic dresser, she responded: ''I read this psychology thing once talking about how millennials are going through this really f***ed-up crisis where we miss the '90s when we were happy.

''That's why we're bringing this s**t back in one whole emotional wave. We're just nostalgically reaching for that joy and that comfort. I'm down for all of it.''

Meanwhile, SZA also admitted she doesn't have any beauty or style secrets, despite her passion for fashion.

She added: ''Definitely no secrets. I'm just trying to drink water. I didn't even shave my legs before I came to this [Gap] shoot.''