Sylvia Hoeks didn't feel like a model ''in [her] heart''.

The 34-year-old actress was signed to Elite models agency when she was younger, but the star has admitted she never felt like she truly ''belonged'' in the fashion industry.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about her career, the blonde beauty said: ''I was not really a model in my heart ... like I didn't really belong.

''My first job was to be the cover of Elle Girl and I hated the photo because they made me smile big, like a happy frog!''

And the 'The Girl and Death' star has admitted when she was in the French capital on a job she had a severe case of homesickness because she felt so out of her comfort zone.

She added: ''I would be in Paris and would feel homesick.''

Sylvia plays the role of Luv in 'Blade Runner 2049', and the star has admitted when she was first introduced to the movie franchise as a child she considered it to be ''very high fashion''.

Speaking about the original movie, she said: ''I was only nine or ten when my parents showed my sisters and me the first Blade Runner. I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't sleep that night. My breath just stuck in my throat. I couldn't analyse it: the music, the rain, the darkness that room with the dolls and Daryl Hannah as Pris: I thought the style was very high fashion.''

Sylvia has revealed she was forced to undergo a gruelling fitness regime prior to starring in the American neo-noir science fiction film, which she appears in alongside Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, as she was forced to train with triathlete Lesley Paterson ahead of filming.

Speaking about her workout sessions and preparation for the production, she said: ''She [Lesley] is this muscular little Scottish lady with a fierce attitude. The worst was cardio. It was insane. After two and a half hours you have to go on the bike and do HIIT training. My brain was screaming: ' I can't do it any more!' But I meet my character in that pain.''