The Si-Fi Channel became Syfy today (Tuesday), and with the rebranding has come the debut of an original series, Warehouse 13, that apparently warehouses the templates of any number of successful movies and TV shows. It is getting many terrific reviews, which may offset some of the ringing criticism about the name change directed at the channel's executives. Mekeisha Madden Toby, the TV critic for the Detroit News, calls the show "fun and imaginative" and remarks that while "building a show around the collection of creepy and terrifying tchotchkes is far from novel, Warehouse 13 is a whodunit or a whatdunit at heart, and mysteries, especially in the summer, are a great source of entertainment." And Los Angeles Times TV critic Mary McNamara writes, "In this loud and angry world of post-mythology and damaged heroes, how nice to see a television show satisfied with being simply entertaining." But Ginia Bellafante in the New York Times suggests that the show reveals what the change of the channel's name is really all about. She maintains that it is "meant to evoke a more welcoming invitation to a female viewership. This would explain why Warehouse 13 ... feels so girly."