LOLITA star Dominique Swain is keen to distance herself from a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) anti-fur campaign, which she posed naked for - because she doesn't want people to think she's meat-free. The actress feels terrible when she has to explain to animal lovers she isn't a vegetarian - but doesn't see why she should feel bad about eating meat. Swain insists she agreed to appear in the provocative PETA ads because she believes fur farming is cruel and unnecessary. She says, "Everybody thinks people who promote PETA don't eat meat, but I think animals were made to be eaten. I take my part in the food chain very seriously. "I eat meat, the rarer the better." In fact, Swain was so tired of the meat-free edibles on the set of vegan pop star Moby's WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARS video, in which she featured, she smuggled in filet mignon and lobster. She explains, "I don't think Moby had any idea what was going on in those trailers."