Miles Copeland, the man behind R.E.M and The Police, is hoping to score gold again with a new concert concept featuring some of America's most beloved daytime soap stars.

The svengali is the brains behind Soap Stars Sing, which will bring the talents of actors like General Hospital’s Anthony Geary and Kristen Alderson and Vincent Irizarry from All My Children and Young & the Restless to the stage for a one-of-a-kind gig in Thousand Oaks, California next month (Apr14).

All My Children and The Bold & The Beautiful star Bobbie Eakes, who is also part of the show, tells Wenn, "Soap actors give back more to their fans than just about any other category of actors. They know how much of a connection their audience feels with them and they show their appreciation by doing appearances and concerts whenever possible.

"However, not all appearances and concerts are equal, and we feel the need to pick and choose events based on quality, ensuring it’s worth the price of a ticket for people who want to see us. When the legendary Miles Copeland called, I knew immediately that this show would be top notch, and I would be surrounded by pros who would give 100 per cent to making the experience unforgettable and special. I can't wait to work with the best of the best at this show!"

If the Soap Stars Sing concert at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza is a success, there will be more concerts planned.