Late opera star JOAN SUTHERLAND failed to recognise her immense talent even after her legendary 40-year career, according to her mourning husband.
Sutherland died on 10 October (10) at her home in Lake Geneva, Switzerland, and her widower Richard Bonynge has opened up about his wife's humble spirit despite her great success.
Bonynge, who conducted some of Sutherland's later performances, tells the Associated Press, "(She) never thought she was anybody very special. I don't think she ever recognised the greatness of her talents. It wasn't a pretence on her part at all. She never really understood it."
But Bonynge admits Sutherland had great expectations of herself - and insisted on retiring in 1990 when she felt she couldn't live up to them.
He adds, "She felt that the public expected a great deal from her and she wanted to give them a great deal... She said, 'I fear it's getting difficult for me and I don't want the public to ever hear that.'"