LATEST: Rock band SUPERNOVA has filed a preliminary injunction against producer MARK BURNETT and US network CBS, demanding that they stop using the name Supernova for a group being formed on reality TV show Rock Star: SUPERNOVA. The Costa Mesa, California band is best known for contributing the song CHEWBACCA to the cult movie CLERKS. Attorneys for the band filed for the injunction Friday (11AUG06) in US District Court in San Diego, California, after the collapse of settlement talks, which had followed the June (06) filing of a lawsuit in the matter. According to band's lawyer JOHN MIZHIR JR, "We tried to settle the matter quickly and fairly, but after lengthy negotiations with CBS, Mark Burnett Productions and others, they left us with no options but to seek the preliminary injunction." The Orange County California-based band, founded in 1989 by JODEY LAWRENCE, ART MITCHELL and David Collins, has released three albums. Most recently, the group has been touring in California, Arizona and Nevada, with plans for a new album "in the works," according to a spokeswoman. Rock Star: Supernova involves the search for a vocalist to join a new rock band being formed by ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and one-time GUNS N' ROSES guitarist GILBEY CLARKE.