TV SUPERMAN DEAN CAIN ended up in a military hospital on a recent morale-boosting trip to Iraq when the desert heat and asthma got the better of him.

The actor spent a week travelling from base to base visiting troops stationed in the Middle East, and admits the experience was a little overpowering at times.

He reveals, "By day three, with my nerves on high alert and the combination of dry desert heat and a little case of asthma, I ended up on a medical gurney.

"I stood up and I started to go down and one of the guys kinda propped me up... He said, 'Oops, Superman's going down. Who's gonna stick him?'

"They were getting ready to stick me with IVs and things and they plopped me on a table and took care of me."

Cain, who shot his experiences in Iraq on a home video camera for US TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, admits he was lucky to get home in one piece after surviving mortar attacks and killer sandstorms.

23/06/2005 09:41