Suge Knight was rushed to hospital from court for a second time yesterday (19.02.15).

The Death Row Records co-founder was complaining of stomach pains and his attorney David Kenner has revealed the 49-year-old star he has been suffering from bleeding in his stomach in relation to him being shot six times in a nightclub in August.

Suge was due to appear in court on robbery charges with Katt Willliams - the pair have both been accused of taking a camera form a paparazzi in Beverly Hills.

The rapper is said to have been taunted by his fellow inmates before he was taken from a Los Angeles court to hospital.

After he was taken away by the ambulance, a courtroom source told the New York Daily News: ''Suge got on the bus from jail and people started taunting him, calling him names.''

Suge - whose real name is Marion Knight - is in jail on charges he allegedly murdered his friend Terry Carter, and that is said to have been causing him ''problems'' in jail.

The source added: ''The problem with Suge is he has claimed he was in a gang, which causes problems. And then the guy he allegedly killed was really popular in Compton. So he gets on the bus, and they're yelling at him, threatening him, calling him names.

''He was taken off for a perceived security risk. They brought him in a separate vehicle.''

Suge's latest hospital dash comes after he was rushed to a medical centre after he started suffering chest pains at Los Angeles County Superior Court on February 3, where he was to be formally charged with murder.

He was said to have been handcuffed to the hospital bed after being admitted to the medical facility.