Following tits decision to break off discussions with the Writers Guild of America for the time being, the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers is now seeking early talks with the Directors Guild of America in hopes that a favorable settlement with the DGA would set the framework for a deal with the Screen Actors Guild and force the WGA into line as well, published reports observed. "Once one of these organizations does a deal, the others tend to fall into place," one studio executive told today's (Tuesday) London Financial Times. "It will put more pressure on the writers." Meanwhile, the WGA and the AMPTP continued to fire verbal rounds at one another on Monday. In what Daily Variety described as an "incendiary" statement, WGA East President Michael Winship said of the studio negotiators "They lie. And then they lie again. And then they lie some more." For its part the AMPTP maintained that the WGA's claim that the talks broke down over new-media issues was untrue. The cause, it said, was "the desire of the WGA's organizers to increase their own power and prestige by expanding the jurisdiction of the union over reality television and animation writers."