Students at Yale University have taken aim at the writers of TV hit GOSSIP GIRL over their portrayal of the esteemed institution in a recent episode.
In an article published in the Yale Daily News, students interviewed allege the episode, which aired in the U.S. on Monday (13Oct08), is filled with several factual errors, especially with regards to the university's admission process.
The episode, which was filmed at Columbia University near the show's New York City set, follows three main characters as they meet privately with the college's dean of admissions - a premise Yale's actual admissions dean Jeff Brenzel is adamant would never occur.
Brenzel says, "I don't do any interviews of applicants or potential applicants, so I'm not in the position of advising anyone. I certainly do not hold or attend private dinners for candidates."
Student Katie Zimmerman, a fan of the Blake Lively-starring drama, adds: "It didn't bring out the Yale that we all know and love, but instead just used stereotypes about Yale. And all the characters were just focusing on getting in (to Yale). It was kind of a failure."