America has been rocked today (15DEC04) by tabloid revelations that BARBRA STREISAND has undergone a secret cancer operation to remove part of her colon.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER is reporting that the 62-year-old singer and actress checked into hospital earlier this month (DEC04) to have polyps removed from her colon.

Sources tell the tabloid that Streisand was due to have the operation in September (04), but had to build up the courage to go through with the surgery.

Streisand, who hates the thought of surgery, had to be coaxed into Los Angeles' Cedars Sinai Hospital by friends and family.

An insider tells the Enquirer, "Finally, her fear of what would happen if she didn't have the surgery got more intense than her fear of having it.

"She rescheduled the surgery, swore she'd go through with it and did."

Streisand is now said to be relaxing at home in California as she recovers from the surgery.

16/12/2004 05:47