Movie star SHARON STONE stunned a studio audience on comedienne ELLEN DEGENERES' TV chat show on Friday (21OCT05) when she showed off her auctioneering skills by selling off her earrings.

The actress was chatting about a recent charity auction she hosted, where she offered the moneybags men in the audience the chance to fasten her dress when a clasp came loose - for a fee - when she sparked an impromptu bidding frenzy.

Responding to DeGeneres questions about her auctioning skills, Stone said, "I can do it right now... You want to see," before taking her gold and diamond earrings out and inviting fans to bid for them.

Bidding started at $500 (GBP278) and quickly rose to $7,000 (GBP3,888) when the BASIC INSTINCT star agreed to add a signed photo to the lot.

Desperate to raise as must cash as possible, an excited Stone stated, "I'll put them in a box, I'll gift wrap them personally."

A bespectacled fan called Joe claimed the top bid.

Stone plans to hand over the cash to her favourite charity, the American Foundation for Aids Research (AmFAR).