STOCK, AITKEN AND WATERMAN - the most successful pop songwriter/producer partnership in the world - have reunited and are planning a new era of chart dominance.

Pete Waterman, MIKE STOCK and MATT AITKEN (SAW), who launched Kylie Minogue's musical career, parted ways in 1991 and their disagreements eventually ended up in England's High Court.

But the three-way working relationship has been reconciled, and the threesome are hoping to rediscover the magic touch which saw them account for 28 per cent of the UK music industry's sales in 1989.

However, critics at the time widely criticised SAW's hit factory for producing a succession of manufactured acts which were destroying British music.

But Waterman has taken inspiration from the positive light in which his work is now seen: "People seem to be more honest now, saying they love the songs. We realised there is a legacy there

"We won't know (which direction we'll take) until we try what is between us... If being stuck in a timewarp means selling 30 million records again, I won't mind."