Still Changing make their own guilty pleasures.

The 'Breathe' indie pop band are unafraid to make music with a commercial edge and say that's what sets them apart from their local scene.

Singer Marius Mørkve said: ''For a Norwegian band, what I find is we are not afraid to be more catchy than most other bands. Many Norwegian bands are in a very artsy, ambient phase at the moment, but we're really catchy. All the things we want to do to challenge the listener we do on a detailed level. We've got lots of guilty pleasures, we're not ashamed of it, but we are musicians, so we make our own guilty pleasures.''

The band were recently included in a music video showcase at London's Raindance film festival for 'Breathe' and are pleased they managed to get their relatively low budget clip alongside productions which had much bigger budgets.

Marius - who completes the band with Markus Agøy, Magnus Dulsrud and Fredric Bechensten - added: ''The video is built around the song. We put the idea in words and the people who worked with us on it then put it into pictures. We made the video for around £800 and we built music videos which were made for hundreds of thousands of pounds. That was a great victory for us. We made a good video, the idea was simple. The song, 'Breathe' is about taking a breather, you always need a breather, whether your life is great, or if it's not good at all.''