British actor SIR PATRICK STEWART would like to relive the moment he learned of his knighthood - and not open the official letter informing him of the high honour in a hotel room on his own.
The 69-year-old thespian was saluted for his 50-year acting career in Queen Elizabeth II's New Year's Honours list at the beginning of 2010 - but he mistakenly took the correspondence on location with him last year (09), while he was shooting MACbeth.
And he forgot about it for four days.
He confesses, "I was on location in North Nottinghamshire. We were filming MACbeth and I'd brought a big envelope from my agent and put it in a closet and left it there for three or four days.
"I was leaving early one morning and thought, 'I've got five minutes', and started going through stuff and there it was. (I was) sitting in this all-brown hotel room at about quarter past six on a November morning when I saw it.
"The frustrating thing was we were shooting a big scene that day with most of the cast and what I wanted to do was rush on the set and go, 'Guys, you'll never believe what has happened!' but of course I couldn't."
The former Star Trek captain insists the new title hasn't gone to his head: "I do not insist on it, not at all - but if you care to (use it) I won't protest. I'm delighted and thrilled and never thought something like this would happen to me."