Pop beauty RACHEL STEVENS' solo career is looking unstable after the star admitted she may not release any more singles from her debut album FUNKY DORY.

The former S CLUB singer leapt into the charts with her debut solo single SWEET DREAMS (MY LA EX) in September (03), but after dismals sales of her album, which only made it to number 79 in the UK album charts, her future looks bleak.

Her second track from the disc, also called Funky Dory, flopped at number 26 in December (03).

Stevens says, "I was really disappointed with Funky Dory. I thought it was a great track, but it didn't work.

"It was really scary. But I know my solo career is going to be different to S Club. I'm expecting to have highs and lows.

"Funky Dory did get me down, but now I'm just going to go for it and enjoy it."

As for releasing any more tracks from the album, Stevens admits, "We really don't know", and is concentrating on her charity single Some Girls and her second album.

24/06/2004 00:06