Steve Wilson has urged people to ''go easy'' downloading Ed Sheeran's album so his record will be number one.

The 49-year-old rocker's latest album 'To The Bone' has been doing well in the midweeks, but he fears that the 'Shape of You' hitmaker's LP 'Divide' will reign the top of the official UK album chart for the 17th consecutive week later today (25.08.17).

He said: ''There's still 2,000 people buying Ed's album every day. I can't believe there's anyone who hasn't already got it.''

Progressive rock acts haven't dominated the charts for more than 40 decades when the likes of Genesis and Yes were popular, so it would mean the world to the 'Perfect Life' singer to change that.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Having a prog rock number one would mean so much to Steven.

''He just wants people to go easy listening to or buying Ed this week.''

The former Porcupine Tree frontman's last record, 2015's 'Hand Cannot Erase', made it to number 13.

And it's not just the flame-haired singer/songwriter Steve is tracking, as he recently admitted he has been keeping an eye on record label's updates on their client's chart progress.

The Cult star says he'd happily settle for a top three album.

He said: ''I'm following every record company update.

''I've been doing this for 25 years so even getting into the top three would be more than I ever dreamed of.''

Despite Ed's strong chances of claiming the top spot, Steve thinks he is in with a chance.

He said: ''People don't have a problem watching a feature film or reading a novel so why can't a song take them on a journey.

''I think the pendulum is coming back in my direction.''

Meanwhile, Steve said that acts like Radiohead technically have progressive elements and are able to be mainstream because they don't brag about it.

He said: ''I've got used to being ignored. 'Progressive' means you get brushed under the carpet. Prog is in Radiohead's DNA but for pragmatic reasons they deny it.''