Cockney Rebel frontman Steve Harley is convinced he has been "victimised" by the British justice system after he was slapped with a $1,600 (£1,000) fine for speeding on a motorway.

The Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) hitmaker was caught driving 30 miles per hour (48 kilometres per hour) over the speed limit after failing to notice a temporary restriction had been put in place on the M25 motorway in Kent, England.

He was hit with a $1,600 fine, six points on his driving licence and a $160 (£100) victim surcharge in court in December (14), and Harley is now considering appealing against the punishment, which he believes is too severe for a minor driving offence.

Harley tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I simply did not see the sign. I was with my wife and neither of us saw any warning that speed cameras were in operation... This is real Big Brother stuff and it's too easy for ordinary motorists like me to be victimised... I always drive carefully. I am considering an appeal."