The couple announced the baby news in an animated video online on Tuesday (15Dec15), after the gay pop singer, aka H, teased fans about a big reveal on social media.

He wrote, "Morning all!! I've been bursting to tell you some news!! I can tell you all later!!!"

One For Sorrow singer Watkins then posted a link to the YouTube video, in which he and Ryder appeared as photo cutouts, hours later.

The animated couple held up a banner which read: "We are going... to be dads", before a cartoon child fell from the sky.

They then blasted off into space as the the words "For many years... We have been wishing" popped up on the screen, followed by "And our wish... Is about to come true".

The good news comes after the couple experienced heartache when their previous surrogate suffered a miscarriage in 2012.

Sources close to the couple have confirmed Watkins and Ryder's surrogate is expecting twins.