Steps star Ian 'H' Watkins has received a public apology after a website printed a photograph of him reporting Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins' child sex offences.

The 90s pop star was trolled online by fans who thought he was guilty of the evil crimes, including attempting to rape a baby.

A High Court judge in London heard that the musician and Pantomime star, 37, had been ''receiving abuse as a result of people confusing the two Ian Watkins'' before the website published the wrong photograph alongside the story.

He received an apology from E! Entertainment Television, a US company which operates the television channel E! and website E! Online, covering celebrity news.

The court heard, ''The error quickly came to the attention of the defendant, which promptly replaced the photograph with the correct one'' and ''emailed and telephoned the claimant's management to apologise to the claimant.''

The judge was told that the pop singer and disgraced rocker, 36, were also of a similar age and originally come from Wales.

On Wednesday (18.12.13), former Lostprophets singer Ian was sentenced to 35 years at Cardiff Crown Court for a string of child sex offences, after pleading guilty to attempting to rape a fan's 11-month-old son and 10 other offences.

The mothers of the abused children were also jailed after they pleaded guilty to child abuse charges at a hearing in November along with the musician.