Stella Maxwell gets her fitness tips from fellow Victoria's Secret models.

The 28-year-old model is a regular on at the annual Victoria's Secret show and says she likes to go to Jasmine Tookes, and Romee Strijd for ''advice'' on what she should fuel up on before an intense workout.

She said: ''We all follow the same programme. We always ask each other advice like, 'What protein shake do you use?' Jasmine [Tookes] was just telling me about a really good protein shake. Romee [Strijd], as well, has shown me different protein shakes.

''It's good to add that into your diet as you eat as well, because it makes sure that you're getting enough protein for your muscles to grow.''

The New Zealand beauty loves yoga because it's more ''fun'' than a typical cardio workout, and ''enjoys life'' during her hour of stretching.

She told Harper's Bazaar Australia: ''Yoga's a really good workout for anyone, so I always encourage anyone to try it.

''The level of toughness can vary. But, you are very much in control of that. If you don't want to do Bikram, maybe a good idea is to do normal room-temperature yoga. Yoga Flow is kind of fun, because there's music. I find it just a very enjoyable hour of life, rather than like something that's hard like a work out.''

But the Maxim model likes the ''balance'' of mixing yoga with kick boxing in her routine and switches it up when she needs something more ''multidimensional''.

She explained: ''I've also started kick boxing, which is really fun. That's totally different [from yoga] - it's really nice to have the balance of both. Then you have something kind of relaxed and more mental.

''Then kickboxing is way more physical. Once you start getting into the routine, it's very multidimensional; you use muscles in all directions in your body. You're working out so many things that you don't even realise.''