The woman charged with murdering punk pioneer LINDA STEIN now stands accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her. Natavia Lowery is charged with beating Stein to death at her New York home in October (07). Lowery, who worked as Stein's personal assistant, confessed to the crime, claiming she was tormented by the former Ramones manager - but later retracted the confession. The New York Post now claims tens of thousands of dollars was withdrawn from Stein's bank accounts around the time of her death - so much that the New York Police Department's fraud division is working hard to follow the money trail. The Post reports that cops expect to trace the cash - taken from ATM machines - to 26-year-old Lowery and her boyfriend. But Lowery's lawyer, Ron Kuby, says, "The rumours coming from law enforcement about Natavia Lowery have consistently been wrong, and lies."