RAMBO star Sylvester Stallone has volunteered to testify against disgraced private investigator Anthony Pellicano. Stallone is among a host of Hollywood stars who had their phones bugged or names illegally checked against police databases on the order of Pellicano. The spy has pleaded not guilty to charges in a 111-count indictment, including charges of conspiracy and police bribery. He is alleged to have been collecting information on celebrities for his clients to use for threats or blackmail. And although Stallone has not been subpoenaed to give his testimony, he has offered to join his assistant - who has been served - to give evidence against Pellicano at his upcoming trial. He says, "Why not (testify)? I don't want to be left out." But the 61-year-old actor is not surprised to hear of Pellicano's underhand activities. He adds, "In this town (Hollywood), nothing seems as it is. There's so much skullduggery (deception)." Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Saunders has refused to deny or confirm if Stallone would be called to testify and prosecutors are attempting to keep their list of possible witnesses secret until the start of the trial next week (begs25Feb08).