The DARKNESS are in shock after two obsessed stalkers posed as their relatives to gatecrash the rockers' private backstage family party.

The cheeky German women forged access-all-areas security passes and lied to three lots of bouncers to party with their idols JUSTIN and Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain and ED GRAHAM, who furiously ordered guards to throw them out.

Drummer Graham explains, "We turned around and these two girls were standing there right in the middle of our private party. They've turned up at things before but this was different, it was a family party for just the band. It was a bit of a freaky experience to see them there.

"We think they had got us to pose with them for photos at a gig a week previously and then used their pictures of our passes to make up imitated versions. It was rather scary really because you like to think you're safe when you're at your own private party."

Frontman Justin complains, "I'm now concerned about my safety. You can't just go on being nice to people because sometimes people start to take the p*ss and to take liberties."

02/09/2004 02:26