LATEST: Rapper SPICE 1 has finally been released from hospital - five months after he was left critically wounded following a December (07) shooting.
The one-time 2Pac affiliate - real name Robert L. Green, Jr. - was left for dead after a thief attempted to steal his car, thinking the vehicle was empty, in Hayward, California on 3 December.
And the bullets came so close to hitting the star's vital organs, he was left bedridden at a San Francisco hospital for some time.
He explains, "The bullet went through my lung and my lung collapsed."
Police have yet to find the assailant - but Spice 1 insists he doesn't want to know who committed the crime, because he would likely end up incarcerated for killing the suspect.
He says, "I don't think the n**ga is stupid enough to go tell somebody he did that s**t . It (the name of the assailant) never got back to me, 'cause if it did, I'd probably be in the penitentiary for murder...
"S**t, this little scary ass, bitch-ass-muthaf**ka trying to break into my car, probably a crackhead muthaf**ka or something, some little young kid... a little buster ass n**ga."