The SPECIALS frontman TERRY HALL is studying his band's old albums in preparation for a reunion tour later this year (08) - because he can't remember the words to songs he wrote.
The Ghost Town singer fears old age has robbed him of his memory and, as a result, the band will only perform songs from their first two albums.
Hall says, "There's like an album-and-a-half that I haven't even thought about since 1981. I'm using lots of lyric sheets because I keep on getting words mixed up."
The Specials recently reformed and are now planning their first dates together in 25 years.
Hall and his bandmates have ignored big-money offers to perform at British arenas and instead are planning a tour of theatre-sized venues.
The frontman explains, "That's the kind of venue where we started. I don't like arena dates, at all. They're just soulless."